5 Important Stages for Developing a Creative Design Idea!

Undoubtedly, professional graphic designers have creative minds, they are artistic and imaginative. Although, mostly clients thinks that logo designers are magicians who create imaginative images and come up with creative and mind-blowing ideas for their small business logos with a swish of their wands. But it is not the reality, however to come up with an interesting idea is not easy task to do. Thinking or developing a unique idea in a mind is not a magic that can be generated in a matter of seconds. The designer needs to think a lot for getting an original idea; it involves a complete and elaborative procedure of shifting the idea from designer’s brain to the final logos.The complexity is happened when a logo need to explain his idea or plan to the bad type of clients or to project managers. Although, the designers study the whole project and entire process of designing, but he face difficulty when he explain his idea in front of client, as he cannot put the entire concept in his words. Either it is a small or a large business logo design, a creative design reach to its final designation after many hurdles.In this article, we will study the various stages through which a graphic designer experience in order to complete a project and design a brilliant idea.1. Learning:Ideas come up with deep learning and understanding of design fundamentals. Creative thinking and interest in the field of designing is the main aspects for getting an original idea, your ideas and creativity can be wisdom of the design trend and developments. You can learn and understand the nature of creativity by visiting different design websites and browse their logo design showcases which they designed for small business logo design and large business logo design.2. Training:Training is an important part of a designer’s career, and if you trained properly, you can create everything and every concept which you want to design. Apart from this, a designer is a magician who designs by hands and minds also use of some graphic software. If you want to become a professional designer then you must be fully trained in operating graphic tools, so you can create a complete picture that you have created in your mind.3. Investigation:Before thinking about any design, first you must investigate about your client’s requirement and his business. It is the graphic designer’s worst mistake when he directly jumps to designing phase rather than examining the project requirements. You can’t design anything before investigating and thinking about a particular industry.4. Ideation:After the series of demanding phases, it is the phase when a designer is in the final stage to create his idea. I named this stage Idea + Generation (Ideation) for the creation of a business logo design. This is the stage where a Creator needs to include his creativity, leaning and practice and converts it in a proper image.5. Execution:The design process is not completed yet; proper execution of a creative process is also an important phase that is normally terminated when the idea has been created. But this is not right, without proper execution, your strenuous labor will go down the drain. The final execution involves in converting the sketch into digital format, it also include adding colors and doing testing on different browsers. Then after the final approval you can say that your business logo design project has been successfully completed.