Creativity – What’s Required of You If You Really Want to Find Creative Solutions to Your Problems

“A future based on creativity is bright.” John Kao (author of Jamming)There are 4 tools and mindsets you need for creativity and in this article, I’ll go through each of them.1. BrainThe good news is…you have one. So bring your brain anytime you need to be more creative and ask that those around you also bring their brains.An activity that you could do is to ask people to sketch or draw their brains. Many people don’t really stop and think about their brains much – and it would help if they did, in my opinion! To set this up, either at an upcoming meeting, at a family session, or some other event, either hand out paper and colored markers or colored pencils to everyone in attendance – or just ask them to take a piece of paper that they have handy (the first method is more compelling, but just in case you find you need to do this without advance preparation, the second method will also work).Next, either ask folks to draw their brains or give them a more specific request that is related to the reason you even decided to have a meeting. For example, you could ask people to draw their budget brain or their event-planning brain or their grandma-is-coming-to-live-with-us brain. Whatever the focus of the meeting is around could be the kind of brain you ask them to draw.Allow a short period of time because that is all that is needed. Then, give people a moment to share their brains with the rest of the group. To say that this is informative is an understatement and helps everyone know where they are all coming from. Generally, there is a fair amount of laughter – and that DEFINITELY assists in the creativity displayed.Note: You can also do this for yourself when you need to bring your most creative self to a challenge or situation.The next tool that is required is an:2. Open mindAs George Kneller said, “To think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” You can’t do that if you are rigid in your mindset.Whatever you need to do to clear your mind of misconceptions, prior beliefs, roadblocks, clogged up thinking, or anything else that might block your opportunity to generate or ACCEPT new thoughts…do it.You might need to adopt what I call “a na├»ve eye,” or “learner’s mind. However you need to conceptualize this, just know that rigidity and creativity don’t coexist.3. A willingness to let go – that is, to release the pent up creativity that is in your mind.”Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.” Earl NightingaleBeing creative is not bizarre and unusual. It’s natural. It’s normal. It’s what we were designed to do.To use your creativity as a productive tool in your business, accept and acknowledge how much you very self wants and needs to be creative. Let go and provide a channel for that creativity that may be bottled up inside you.4. A willingness to workRita Mae Brown: Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.Creativity is natural and normal and what we are designed for. And, it takes effort and focus and intent. Learning new ways of being creative and helping those around you to be creative as well – involves some work. I’m quite sure you are up to that.So, four tools or mindsets to have:Brain
Open mind
Willingness to release your creativity onto the world
Willingness to workDo you have these four? Then you can creatively solve your easiest and your most difficult business challenges.